New Line Smile is the bridge between a dental office and its ability to grow and thrive in a competitive dental advertising market.

We stand alone as the true leader in the dental marketing and consulting world. With that comes the responsibility to uphold the standards and work ethics that have propelled us to that position. Our performance here at New Line is graded daily and is driven by one thing; the quality of people we work with. Every decision made from the people who represent New Line should be based on our number 1 principle;


This is a Company and Concept like no other. Thus we will not accept average people with average goals or expectations. We are all a part of something very special here.

Because of who we are and what we represent we will:

> Strive to achieve each goal each day and never fail.

> Always stay dedicated to our success and to each other.

> Never let our team, company, or clients down.

> Always build, grow, and get better.

> Never accept complacency in our company or in our lives.

Lastly we will provide the client with the very best service and performance, all day, everyday, going beyond the general guidelines of good ethics, always keeping in our minds;


Rolando Aldabert