Welcome to New Line Smile 

New Line Smile is a Dental Practice Holding Group that harnesses the power of volume supply purchasing and corperate structure staff training. Our primary focus that seperates our ownership from others is our focus on internal and external practice marketing. 

Our company is 100% Veteran Owned and very proud of it!

With over 20 years of experience and always perfecting and improving the “niche” we have created in Dental Marketing, we have also built a reputation for real results and 100% commitment to our offices. We are literally directly responsible for bringing our network of dentist over a million new patients to their offices since our inception.

Our dentists can spend time focusing on quality dental care, rather then worrying about how to generate new patients and or the cost associated with it. 


New Line Smile offers the following Dental Office Solutions:

  • Dental Marketing & Advertising - New Line Smile has professionally trained sales teams around the country that utilizes a proprietary target marketing system to acquire 300 to 500 new patients per office per year. This unique service allows the participating dentist to acquire new patients with NO UP FRONT ADVERTISING COST! Ask for details.
  • Internal Practice Management and Consulting - It’s important for your patients to not only have the benefit of your skills, but to understand their individual and specific need for them. We’ll show you techniques to bring patients into the process, allowing them to be comfortable enough to trust and accept your recommendations. Ask for details.
  • 0 %  Interest Treatment Financing Program -  One of the biggest hurdles for a dental office to overcome when it comes to their cash patients, is funding treatment plans for people with less then perfect credit. New Line Smile offers an exclusive program to all participating dentist that fully funds treatment plans up to 5K with no credit check from  the patient, 0 % interest, and 100% Guaranteed  payment to the doctor! Ask for details.
  • Commercial Lending  - NLS has access to some of the best in the in the commercial lending arena who specialize in financing dentist. Our lending partners do what it takes to get our dentist the funds they need for expansion projects, start ups, equipment financing, real estate, rental property, and private capital. Ask for details.
  • Wholesale Dental Supplies - New Line Smile has several channels to offer the absolute lowest prices on wholesale supplies. Because New Line has multiple revenue streams and a huge client base, we can buy supplies in larger quantities, lowering the cost, and offer them to our clients at distributor cost. Ask for details.
  • Waiting Room Videos -  As a New Line Doctor you will have access to a revolutionary new concept of streamimg video, branded to your office, in which procedures are showcased to your patients while they wait. Offices are showing a 10% size increase in cases, and a 12% growth in acceptance. Profesionally made with specific proven techniques to get your patients asking you about procedures before you even have to offer! Ask for details.